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Why get design help?

Interior design is a key factor in creating comfort and beauty in your home. It all starts with an ideal space plan and making the most of what you already have.

Misty Woods Design creates comfortable rooms that fit lifestyle, taste, and budget by rearranging, repurposing, and reusing many of the items you love.


When you need a change and are not sure where to start, or don’t want to spend a lot, a designer can help you to get a new, fresh look with a redesign, without the big price tag.

Envision your home the way you have always wanted it to be! Your designer is a guide through the design process and bring your vision to life.

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Stay atHome

And Love it!

Now, more than ever, we are spending much of our time in our homes.


Practical, budget-friendly room redesigns give you a new, fresh look, without the big price tag.

Our homes already serve the many purposes of cooking, eating, entertaining, sleeping, storage, and technology. Your living space may now also have to do multiple duties such as office, classroom, playroom, live-in guest, or even hospital room.

I help you use what you already have and love as much as possible by showing you how to incorporate the pieces that you love and want to keep with fresh ideas.

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Outdoor Spaces & Views

Million-dollar view!

In an Exterior consultation, we will design or redesign an outdoor living space. Sometimes just potting up some patio plants, a little lighting, and an indoor/outdoor carpet is all you need to make your patio or deck into an outdoor room you'll love staying home for. Plus, exterior color, landscaping, and hardscape.

I love a sunny plant-filled window sill and who wouldn't love an affordable patio or deck retreat, front entrance, or window box! 


Enjoy the views of your outdoor spaces from inside too and bring value to your home’s outdoor spaces and enjoy the views from inside the house when it is too hot or cold to go out.


Space Planning
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Space Planning

Placement Board

Design Packages Include a Placement Plan 


Space Planning for Furniture & Fixtures based on your measurements. See more examples here.

Smart Home

Lighting Design

Smart & LED Lighting Design

Upgrade your home with ‘Smart Home’ technology.


Discover the advantages that LED lighting has to offer. Smart, efficient, and versatile LED lighting can be used in the kitchen, entertaining area, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home office.

With a Home Lighting Consultation, our technical consultant will help you assess your needs and budget, figure out which systems will be right for you, and arrange for purchase and installation.

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Fresh & Artificial Florals & Greenery

Greenery and Florals

Decorate with fresh and artificial potted trees, plants, and mixed gardens, rustic herb boxes, Narcissus, Gardenia, and Ficus. I create custom-designed fresh and dried floral arrangements, lifelike artificial potted trees, succulent, and foliage arrangements. 


Practical and affordable.

Succulents are popular, easy-care succulents, real or artificial. Lifelike artificial greenery is the perfect touch for guest bedrooms and baths. They require no light or water and only an occasional dusting. 

Holiday Sparkle

Your home can be specially decorated for holidays and special occasions from holiday tables, stairways, and mantles to Christmas trees, outdoor decorations. Host bridal and baby showers, engagement dinners, and New Year's Eve and leave all the decorations to me.

Fresh Every Month

Receive a standing order of fresh seasonal flowers delivered to your home each month, or as desired. I am a certified Floral Designer at April Florist in Cincinnati (Loveland) OH. Schedule a convenient time for a complimentary consultation to discuss an ongoing order for yourself or to others. A monthly standing order makes an amazing and unique gift!



Seasonal & Online Events

Schedule workshops, classes, and demonstrations.

Have fun and learn at a vision board or mood board workshop, floral class, or seasonal demonstration. Host one for your friends and family, or attend a scheduled public event that I host.


We can't do those in person right now so I hope you like a challenge! I host email challenges to declutter, organize, and decorate your home. Sign up here to join a free challenge or course.

Kids & Teens
Strip Rates

Kids & Teens Rooms

Working from home? Kids home?

Turn any bedroom into a stress-free work zone. Watch your kids while you work or sit in a comfortable chair with your laptop while they homeschool.

It all starts with an ideal space plan that addresses all of your functional needs, should make the most of what you already have and love, and add quality functional furnishings.

Strip Rates

Fair Flat Fees

Affordable & Practical

Here's why I try and keep my rates very affordable.

I think you will prefer my fair flat project fees and affordable rates. I focus on affordable and practical as much as possible because I think everyone should be able to have access to a designer, on any budget. 

Your living space may have to do the multiple duties of an office, classroom, playroom, guest room, or even hospital room, and that can be overwhelming. Having an objective and skilled person come in and help you, will help your whole household.


* If you need help but can’t afford it right now, please reach out and schedule a complimentary, no-commitment refresh or space plan consultation and we’ll try and address your most pressing design issues together.

You can have your design questions answered on the Design Q&A Column.

With My Compliments

Katherine E. Lent

Request a Complimentary Consultation and Project Proposal to begin your next project!


Even if you are not needing my paid services at this time, you can still take advantage of these free services and ask your design questions anytime on the Design & Decorating Advice Q&A Column.

Free Services

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