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What is E-Design?

Strip Rates
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Virtual e-design is a convenient, safe, and quick way to refresh or redesign your home inside and out. It is easily done with personal online & phone contact, photos, sketches, and measurements through my private secure client project portal. * In-home consultations are in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area only.


Both include the same level of care and attention to your needs and include evaluation and recommendations for changes in layout, finishes, color, and for specific pieces. Online interior design, e-design, is a great way to get a professionally decorated home, safely, on budget, and at your convenience.

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There are many e-design & DIY websites online. I’ve designed for one myself.

There are also many amazing independent designers and small agencies, and it is important to check out several before deciding on one. 

Be sure to look for someone who can work within the style you want, can work in your budget and timeline, and can have direct communication with. Check out this blog post about choosing your designer.

Now, more than ever, we are spending much of our time in our homes. Practical, budget-friendly e-design gives you a new, fresh look, without the big price tag.



When you collaborate with an independent designer specializing in online interior e-design, you'll get the intimate, personal experience you are looking for.  Your project flows at your own pace, on your schedule and you can take advantage of my designer trade-only affiliations and discounts on your furnishings, (when you select my concierge personal shopping service). I can also extend some discounts if you shop on your own.

Your project will also include accessories styling, which is a fun virtual experience, arranging and accessorizing with you, remotely! Plus you'll get an organization, storage & declutter plan with printables, and a secure, private project portal with project planner e-binder.

Choosing an independent designer over a large company may cost more upfront, you’ll enjoy a personal relationship with an attentive designer, and save money on the pieces you purchase. I love to help clients to navigate the design process, save them money, and find them the best deals and extend my trade discount.

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Why get design help?

Interior design is a key factor in creating comfort and beauty in your home.


It all starts with an ideal space plan, smart home technology, making the most of what you already have and love, enhancing your exterior, and selecting quality decor items you love. 

Time for change.

Your living space may have to do the multiple duties of office, classroom, playroom, or you may be caring for a loved one, or the kids are home from college.


When you need to change and are not sure where to start or don’t want to spend a lot, practical budget-friendly ‘Use What you Already Have and Love’ room refresh or redesigns are perfect.


It can be difficult to know where to start. Get free advice for creating comfortable spaces in your home.

Rearrange, repurpose, and reuse.

The objective of an interior redesign is to create a comfortable room that better fits your lifestyle and taste by rearranging, repurposing, and reusing many of the items you already own and love, adding new and subtracting old pieces as needed.

Choose your Design Package.

To start the collaborative process, purchase the e-design package that best fits your project needs, or request a custom quote if you are unsure which one is right for you.


You'll receive your secure project portal link and contract, then after receiving your payment, you'll get your project planner e-binder with project questionnaire, and we'll get started!


Billing and payment.

Proposals, invoices, and payments are done through your private Client Project Portal. Set up your account and log in. 

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I also do smart home consultations and even have a smart home package and options, and while I don't do renovations, I can give you a visual idea of the space, but my plans should not be used for construction. I can, however, provide referrals or make arrangements for most installations of finishes, fixtures, equipment, or other tradespeople in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, and I offer follow-up & support on all of my own work.

So now that you know all the pros and cons of e-design you can take a further step towards your decision. You can read more about my e-design packages here, understand my fair, flat fee structure, and save time and money by safely collaborating through my private portal.



Remember, consultations are always complimentary with no obligation to purchase anything, and I will still give you my list of online store discounts to shop on your own and a project planner, along with my other free resources.


Fair Flat Fees

Affordable and Practical

Here's why I try and keep my rates very affordable.

I think you will prefer my fair flat project fees and affordable rates. I focus on affordable and practical as much as possible because I think everyone should be able to have access to a designer, on any budget. 

Your living space may have to do the multiple duties of an office, classroom, playroom, guest room, or even hospital room, and that can be overwhelming. Having an objective and skilled person come in and help you, will help your whole household.


* If you need help but can’t afford it right now, please reach out and schedule a complimentary, no-commitment refresh or space plan consultation and we’ll try and address your most pressing design issues together.

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